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Trade in the headband you have for money off the one of your dreams.

We're giving eligible users the chance to trade in current Dreem headbands for 80€ credit off the new Dreem 2 headband. Whatever state it's in, we want to do something nice for you, and for the planet!

Check your eligibility

Why switch to Dreem 2?

Thanks to your feedback, we've reworked multiple parts of the headband to push the Dreem experience even further.


You spoke and we listened! We worked hard to make the new Dreem 2 headband softer, using more supple materials to create an optimal level of sleep comfort.


We've improved our sound-transmitting bone conduction technology. Better audio quality, less chance of other people over-hearing for a more immersive and intimate experience.


For the signal and comfort to be perfect, the headband needs to be well-adjusted. That's why Dreem 2 can be adjusted into three different sizes: S, M, L. The perfect fit for any head, no exceptions.

Dreem GiveBack advantages

Money off Dreem 2
This is an exclusive reduction for our eligible users. When you send in your current Dreem headband, you'll recieve a promotional code worth 80€ towards the purchase of a new Dreem 2 headband. The total cost will be 319€.
Your guarantee starts over
Your Dreem guarantee restarts from zero, meaning that you're covered for 2 years starting from the day of delivery. Our Care team are there for you. Just send them an email at with any questions, big or small.
By trading in, you're helping out the planet
Maybe you're finished with your headband, but it likely still has potential. If it's in good condition, we'll give it a second life with a new home. If it isn't, we'll send it to our recycling partner, so that any precious metals can be reused, sparing the planet's limited resources.

How it works?

Step 1

Simply enter your email and headband's serial number below. How to find your serial number?

Step 2

If you're eligible, we'll contact you as soon as the new Dreem 2 is in stock and ready for delivery. We'll attach our address so that you can send us the old one.

Step 3

When we receive your current headband, you'll automatically receive and email containing your promotional code for 80€ off the new Dreem 2, to be entered at checkout at our shop.

Are you eligible?

Enter your email address and serial number here to check your eligibility for the Dreem GiveBack program.


Congratulations! You're eligible for the Dreem GiveBack program. You'll get 80€ off the new Dreem 2 headband, bringing the total cost to 319€.

We'll be in touch as soon as Dreem 2 is ready for delivery to give you the address to which you can send your current headband. Read more about the process here: How it works


1 . How long does the trade-in process take?

The trade-in process takes a few days. We'll wait to receive your current headband before sending you your promotional code. For more information about the entire trade-in process, please read: How it works.

2 . Can I buy a Dreem 2 before sending back my current Dreem headband?

Yes you can, but we're unable to reimburse you post-purchase. Your promotional code can be used on to buy an accessory or a 2nd headband.

3 . Can several codes be combined if I send back multiple headbands at once?

If you send back several headbands, you'll receive several promotional codes. These promotional codes cannot be combined.

4 . Which devices are eligible for trade in under the Dreem GiveBack program?

The only eligible device is your current Dreem headband.

5 . Can I cancel my trade-in request?

You can send us an email to at any time to cancel your trade-in request. If we have already sent your Dreem 2 headband, you can send it back to us at the address provided.

6 . How do I find my headband's serial number?

You'll find the serial number by detaching the grey velcro fabric on the hard top arch of your headband. You'll see a small white label with a barcode on it. The serial number (S/N) is 13 digits long.

7 . What happens to my data once I send my headband back?

Your data is stored in your mobile app. Nothing is stored on the headband, which gradually overwrites data from one night to the next, once it's been transferred to the app.

8 . I sent my headband back but I didn't receive a promotional code. What should I do?

Please let us know by sending an email to and we'll quickly be back in touch with your promotional code.

9 . Do I need to reset my headband?

You can plug your headband in to update it if you wish. But you don't need to reset it.

10 . Do I need to provide proof of purchase when I send back my headband?

You don't need to send proof of purchase or any other document. Just the headband!

11 . How long does the Dreem GiveBack program last?

The Dreem GiveBack program finishes on October 11th 2019.

12 . What happens to my personal data when I send back my headband?

No personal data is stored on the headband.

13 . In which countries is Dreem GiveBack available?

For the moment, Dreem GiveBack is only available in Europe.

14 . Will Dreem cover the shipping costs when I send back my current headband?

Yes, Dreem covers the shipping costs when you send back your current headband. Before sending your headband, you'll receive an email with a return slip to print out and stick onto your package.